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About Action Legion

Action Legion is a mouse-controlled, single-player action-strategy shoot ’em up game on the PC. Fight your way through waves of enemies using an array of weapons, destroy enemy structures and bases, and defeat tough boss fights in this classical single-player epic!

In Action Legion, you step in to the role of a Legion Captain. Start your planetary invasion and defeat the evil forces of the infamous Prognati, who have been wreaking havoc and causing torment to the local, peaceful tribes of the planet PN MDCVIII. Once a luscious paradise, now stripped of its original beauty and turned into an enslaved mining dystopy by the Prognati, your mission is to rid the planet and its people of the Prognati menace, once and for all!

Action Legion is developed and published by Aeonic Entertainment. Release date was April 19th, 2016. The game is available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

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Aeonic Entertainment
Aeonic Entertainment
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01 January 0000

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